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Studio Policies

Instrument requirements: Students need to have either an acoustic piano or a weighted and full-sized digital piano at home to practice on. Some students may begin their first semester of lessons with a small keyboard, but this must be upgraded thereafter or your student will be unable to progress.


Practice requirements:

  • Frequent practice is most important and it is ideal to practice at least 5 days per week. Daily practice is more important than the length of practice.

  • Try to establish a practice time that fits into the daily routine, when practice can happen “no matter what”.

  • Parents must assist young children (ages 5-9) with practice and should also ensure older students are completing all weekly assignments.


Lesson requirements: 

  • Parents are required to sit in on lessons for very young beginners (roughly ages 5-7) and are recommended to sit in on lessons for children up to age 9, depending on the child's personality. 

  • Students must maintain short fingernails in order to develop proper technique.

  • Students must be respectful and ready to learn. I reserve the right to end a lesson if disruptive or defiant behavior is exhibited that prevents the lesson from continuing.

Termination of lessons: I reserve the right to end lessons for reasons such as, but not limited to:

  • Chronically late tuition payments

  • Behavioral issues in lessons

  • Inadequate instrument for the student to practice on

Learn more about my teaching style by reading my Teaching Philosophy!

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