About Lessons

What do we do in lessons?

  • Piano lessons are one-on-one weekly 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions in an energetic, safe, and fun environment.

  • Students learn how to improvise, compose, develop strong reading skills, develop aural skills, transpose and play beautifully. There is an emphasis on developing a strong playing technique (what we are physically doing at the piano), understanding theory (the components of how music is made) and learning about the stylistic differences of various time periods. 

  • Students also learn performance etiquette, memorization, confidence, discipline, creative thinking and self-evaluation.

  • Parents are required to sit in on lessons for young students (ages 5-8) in order to assist them at home with practice.

What do we do at home?

  • Students need to have either an acoustic piano or a weighted and full-sized digital piano at home to practice on. Some students may begin their first semester of lessons with a small keyboard, but this must be upgraded thereafter or your student will be unable to progress.

  • Daily practice is more important than the length of practice. Try to get to the piano at least 5 days per week. Young students must be assisted by a parent with this daily commitment.

  • For older students, parents are expected to insure that their students are completing all assignments in Tonara and practicing regularly. 

What other times do we play the piano?

  • Students are expected to participate in the annual Winter and Spring studio recitals. 

  • There are additional performances offered through MMTA (Michibago Music Teachers' Association) that I will notify you of throughout the year.

  • In your community! Play for church, for art openings, for school performances, with other musicians! Music is a gift that is meant to be shared. 

What materials do you use?

  • For young beginners (5-7) I use a combination of Piano Safari and My First Piano Adventures. I also use various rote pieces and black key (off staff notation) books. 

  • For older beginners (8-10) I use Piano Safari (either the regular or accelerated version, depending on the child).

  • For beginning teens and adults I use either the accelerated Piano Safari or the Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method.

  • All students have additional supplementary books they use and are introduced to classical pieces within the first few years. I transition students completely out of method books after several years (probably year 3, depending on the student) and we focus on repertoire from all different time periods and styles as well as technical exercises and theory that I've created.