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  • Is my child ready for piano lessons?
    Most students begin at age 6, although some 5 year olds may be ready! Some things to consider are how well your child follows directions and his/her ability to focus. Does your child have skills such as understanding of left vs. right, up vs. down, ability to write and count, etc? Since each child is unique, a trial lesson may be the best tool for gauging your child's "readiness". We can also try out lessons for a while and decide if your child is ready or should wait a bit. Please also see my FAQ for children aged 3 - 5.
  • Do you offer any classes for younger children e.g. aged 3 - 5?
    Currently, this is something I am considering as an Early Music Education Class. If you are interested, please contact me for updates! As of right now, classes will likely be offered beginning in early 2019.
  • Do I need an instrument at home? What kind?
    Yes, an instrument is needed for practice between lessons. There are many affordable (even free!) acoustics out there but it is worth getting it approved by a piano technician (just as you would with a car). Acoustic is the best option if feasible because your student will be able to develop a better technique and touch and musicality in general. Basically, this means they will be able to do 100% of what is in music. A quality digital piano with 88 fully weighted, touch-sensitive keys and pedal is OK as well. Some students get cheap electric keyboards while they are "testing the waters", but this will need to be upgraded at some point or your student will end up limited in what they can do. I am always available to help you find an instrument or answer any questions you may have!
  • Is there any age limit for learning to play the piano?
    Absolutely not. There are many benefits for adults, including seniors, to learn an instrument. Adults are never expected to memorize or perform unless they wish to. I have experience teaching adults into their late 60s, and truly enjoy working with anyone. If you have music-related questions or goals to study a specific area of music I am not certified in, I would be happy to refer you or help in any way I can.
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