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Having Lydia teach my daughter has been a wonderful experience. She has patience and can provide just enough guidance to motivate my daughter to practice hard and a tell a story with the songs she plays! Although Lydia has only been teaching Delaney for two years the progress she has made is amazing! I hope she can teach my daughter for years to come!

- Dawn F. 


Lydia is a wonderful teacher!! Highly recommend her!!

- Kelly H.


They seem to enjoy [piano] a lot! Thank you for all your work. We appreciate you and glad you are able to teach them! 

- Esther K.


Grace sure loves your style Lydia! She played her Christmas song for me and it was outstanding!! So thank you for being her teacher! <3

- Kathy L.


You're the best piano teacher ever! I love music!

- Madison W.


I am super glad that you are challenging her and I can definitely see a marked improvement in the pieces that she has been learning.  Anna has learned so much from you and I am super glad that she has you as a piano teacher!

-Kathy H.


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