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Studio Policies

Instrument requirements: Students need to have either an acoustic piano or a weighted and full-sized digital piano at home to practice on. Some students may begin their first semester of lessons with a small keyboard, but this must be upgraded thereafter or your student will be unable to progress.


Practice requirements:

  • Frequent practice is most important and it is ideal to practice at least 5 days per week. Daily practice is more important than the length of practice.

  • Try to establish a practice time that fits into the daily routine, when practice can happen “no matter what”.

  • Parents must assist young children (ages 6-9) with practice and should also ensure older students are completing all weekly assignments.


Lesson requirements: 

  • Parents are required to sit in on lessons for very young beginners (roughly ages 6-7) and are recommended to sit in on lessons for children up to age 9, depending on the child's personality. 

  • Students must maintain short fingernails in order to develop proper technique.

  • Students must be respectful and ready to learn. I reserve the right to end a lesson if disruptive or defiant behavior is exhibited that prevents the lesson from continuing.

Termination of lessons: I reserve the right to end lessons for reasons such as, but not limited to:

  • Chronically late tuition payments

  • Behavioral issues in lessons

  • Inadequate instrument for the student to practice on

Learn more about my teaching style by reading my Teaching Philosophy!



Academic Year Calendar



Click here for a breakdown of the fee structure. Students will be enrolled in 45-minute lessons unless advised otherwise by the instructor.

  • You must choose either semester/half semester payment OR monthly payment for the entire year. 

  • Tuition is prorated for students who start mid-semester.

  • No refunds given for students who quit mid-semester.

  • There is a $5.00 fee if payment is late. Each additional week late is $5.00 with lessons ceasing until payment is made. 

What does tuition pay for?

Weekly lessons, individualized lesson planning and material selection, creation of theory and technique materials, My Music Staff program, recitals and recital preparation, festival/competition preparation, music lending-library, printing/copying/worksheets, continued professional teacher development, administrative time, etc!

Other Fees

Registration: One-time $20 registration fee due upon the onset of lessons.

Books: Roughly $50 or under per year, depending on how quickly they move through the material. 

Studio Recitals: $10 per participating family per recital. 

OAMTA Recitals (optional): Free

Festivals/Competitions (optional): Fees are usually $20-30 per event.

Summer Lessons

In order to reserve a slot for fall, students are required to attend a minimum of 8 lessons during the summer. 

Inclement Weather & Illness

If lessons are cancelled due to weather conditions or if your student is contagious but feels well enough to play at home an online lesson may be conducted during the student's regular lesson time. This will take place on Zoom, directly through your MyMusicStaff login. 

Missed Lessons

Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance and your lesson slot is reserved especially for you! There will be no fee reimbursement for lessons you cancel or do not attend. I will notify you of any openings that may occur during the week of the missed lesson pending my availability. I will also try my best to accommodate sports activities or other conflicts if notified in advance, but I cannot ensure lessons will be rescheduled. If I cancel for any reason the lesson will be made up or credited towards the next billing cycle. 

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